p r a n a c o r e

Osteopathy and Yoga Integration

Discover Pranacore

With Jelena Lepesic, Manual Osteopath and Yoga Teacher

Pranacore empowers you to transform injuries, back pain or automated movement patterns into optimal mobility and heightened energetic awareness.  

From breath through biomechanics to your inner power, this class is for everyone!

Don’t be hardcore, build a Pranacore!

Jelena Lepesic Yoga Instructor

Hi, I’m Jelena!  I am the creator of Pranacore.

Pranacore is a dynamic movement experience that takes you on a journey from your breath to your inner power.  This practice integrates osteopathy therapeutics with yoga through breath-work, biomechanics and energy work.

By combing dynamic breathing techniques with core integrative movements you will create neuromuscular finesse that not only improves your joint range motion and core stability, but boosts your overall energy and inner happiness.

You can transform back pain, neck pain, joint instability, injuries or automatic movement patterns into optimal mobility and expand your energetic boundaries.

Initially, Pranacore was designed to help people rehabilitate from yoga related injuries through a combination of medicine and tradition.  Above all, the objective of Pranacore is to make functional movement approachable, super fun and empowering for you.

For Pranacore public classes please go to my PUBLIC CLASS SCHEDULE.  For private classes, osteopathy integration, trainings and more please go to Sanaprana Integrative Wellness Services in Tulum, Mexico.


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  • “There is nothing better than starting the day doing yoga with Jelli, stretching, breathing and sweating, and ending it with a therapeutic massage, in total relaxation!  She definitely knows how to get your body feeling its best.”

    Chris S. Investor
  • “For six years in a row, the highlight of our vacation was our yoga and massage experience with our master leader, Jelli.  She has the magic touch that will heal and recharge your body, mind and soul. Every experience with Jelli has been rewarding and memorable.  Go All-In as she is the superstar!”

    Adam Nathanson President and CEO Mapleton Investments, LA
  • “Jelli is a master!  The massages I have received from her are absolutely the most wonderful I have ever had in my life.  Jelli is extremely intuitive and it’s like she instinctively knows what your body needs. A truly transformational, special and pure experience.  A Jelli massage is like no other. The best of the best!”

    Georgia Murray - LIINX Canadian Singer & Songwriter
  • “Jelena’s authentic light personality made working with her a pleasure!”

    Jeremy Koreski Photographer Tofino, Canada