Transform Through the Power of Functional Movement


We are meant to move! Movement is crucial in maintaining physiological, mental and emotional health. Humans operate at their best if they can spend part of their day in physical activity. Although some people experience movement as a luxury or a novelty, due to a considerably more passive modern lifestyles.

Modern life habits create modern movement problems. Many physiological and nervous system conditions are associated with lack of functional movement. When our bodies function poorly, we fall victim to seemingly uncontrollable habits, thoughts and emotions. This leads to us creating coping mechanisms and altered breathing, movement and performance. These coping mechanisms show up in the body, mind and our emotions. To deal with them we need to move or exercise in ways that can respond, resolve or avoid them. We need to be functional! Daily!

What is functional movement? Functional movement is a movement based on real world situations. Functional movement, breath and performance patterns can serve us in any activity, intensity, situation and duration. Any movement or exercise can become functional and serve us beyond the exercise, if we do it mindfully. How can we move in ways that are functional in any activity, work and play? Most people know the answer to this one: mindfully. Most practices have mindful tips to make performers perform the practice better. But will be functional for real life, outside of the exercise?

Pranacore focuses on actually reprogramming movement dysfunctions and habitual movement patterns into more functional or optimized ones on all levels. Through Pranacore practice we get to implement functional movement patterns into any activity, exercise, work or play. This in itself will optimize overall physical, emotional and mental health.

Movement opens, cleans and shapes the body so it can sense new sensations, emotions and ideas. Through movement we can release, process and adjust the body to the current sensing and acting to life’s events, situations and themes. How we act and respond to life in any situations will impact our nervous systems. Your of nervous system configuration will impact how you act and react to life. How can we get the most benefit from movement practice and in turn enjoy a balanced nervous system that helps you feel more confident and stable in moving, thinking an feeling?

One of the most effective ways to become aware of our nervous system is through mindful breathing. Breath is both, an unconscious occurrence and a conscious one. Through breath awareness we can start to control our nervous system. When we are able to control our nervous system we get even better at balancing our lives.

Pranacore and other functional movement practices focus on the "HOW" of utilizing the breathing mechanisms during a passive or active activity off an on the matt. After repeating functional breathing excercises enough during a practice your will start to create new breath + movement patterns. The funnest and most beneficial part i implementing them into your everyday until they become new breathing habits. Reprogramming breathing patterns changes the brain. Changing the brain will have an affect on every thing.

Did you know that learning new things and having new experiences makes your brain function better? This is called neuro-plasticity or the ability for brain to update itself and delete old ways that don’t longer serve. Therefore, taking part in fun and functional new activities that create new exciting connections and memories in your brain and your body acts as a potent personalized medication created by you.

Once you are able to have control of your nervous system you will regenerate and rebrand your physiological, mental and emotional programs. That can change everything: from how your feel, move and perform. When you can feel more in control of your own nervous system, your action and reaction to internal and external stimuli, than you will naturally rely even more on your inner power. Being in your power makes your mental and emotional states more stable.

Functional Movement Practices
Pranacore is a movement practice that tunes your body into a your own transformative powers. Small or big daily stresses and happiness will be present daily. Yet, with a mindful movement practice, like Pranacore, you will rcontribute to your feeling stable, confident and empowered. When you have integrated the power of functional breath and movement practice you easily can regenerate your energy and performance. Great functional practices help us balance between doing and being, acting and reacting, giving and receiving and everything else in between. Then, the effort and the energy invested into a practice like Pranacore will meet a satisfactory emotion, effect and meaning in your life.

In my 2 decades of experience as a yoga teacher and osteopath, I have measured and seen the power of breath and functional yoga movement in my patients, clients, and students. I have seen repeatedly how performing better at any level is more about the "HOW" of doing it, and less about the "WHAT" . With that in mind, I invite you to check out a Pranacore public or private class in Tulum, MX or IG and see how this practice can contribute to making you more functional. For more information contact me.