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Exclusive retreats in TUlum, mexico
What to expect depends on
what you need
Boost your movement or performance!?
Breathe better?
Get rid of chronic tension and injuries?
Boost your energy and inner power?

This retreat is designed so that you or your small group can master
your movement, breath and energy.

You can choose from 1 - 5 day packages and a-la-carte water sport activities.

Release tension, pain and stress
We all have different stresses and challenges in our lives. They show up in the body like locked, numb or frozen body parts. Firstly, we will focus on unlocking and liberating this stress, pain, tension or injury safely and confidently with structural bodywork, breath and movement practice. Get ready to experience the freedom and the vitality of your body!

Regenerate sensory awareness
Once the body has released tension, we will focus on reconnecting to these body parts in new ways. This will help you create new memories and new hight quality movement relationships with your body. You will be able to understand understand how to use and take care of your body better. This will give you longevity, agility and boost your performance.
Reprogram movement with water
The best way to process structural after you have regained new high quality movement relationships is by applying them by learning new skills or movement practices. Learning something new will help you grandfather new movement memories and transform your old habitual patterns. For superb results, you are encouraged to reprogram your movement patterns through water activities. Choose from surfing, kite-surfing, free-diving, paddle boarding and diving with some of the best of Tulum.
10% discount to all water adventure activities if you book with us.
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Recommendation: Cinco Tulum, Delek Tulum or Olas Tulum
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Meet your facilitator in Tulum
JELENA is a breath and movement specialist who combines her long time experience as an osteopath, yoga + energetics teacher who can help you boost your movement performance, breath and energy with confidence.

Her work bridges physical and structural therapy, breath and yoga practices through 1-on-1 therapeutics, classes, mentorships and retreats in Tulum, MX or online.

She is best known with her clients as The Body Whisperer and can help you reconnect deeply with your body at the most appropriate level for your best interest.
Book 1 day at a time or 5 day programs.
Discounted rates for couples and small groups.
Premium 1 person/day
  • 1 Bodywork session 90min
  • 1 Private movement class 90min
  • Breath work / energetics class 60min
  • Remaster Movement plan
  • 1 water sport discovery activity included (choose from surf, dive, free- dive discovery session
$999 / person
Premium 2 people/day
  • 1 Bodywork session per person 90min
  • 1 Private movement class for both 90min
  • 1 Breath work / energetics class 60min
  • Remaster Movement plan
$1345 / 2 people
Premium 4 person/5 days
  • 2 Bodywork sessions per person 90min
  • 5 Movement classes 90min
  • 3 Breath work / energetics classes 60min
  • Remaster Movement plan
$3330 / person

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retreat in Tulum!
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