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Pranacore by Jelena Lepesic, D.O.
Yoga and Osteopathy in a uniquely healing practice
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About My Practice

I blend my experience as long-time Yoga teacher and Osteopathic physician into a uniquely healing practice called Pranacore. First created to heal Yoga-related injuries, Pranacore develops core strength and replaces habitual movement patterns with greater aliveness throughout the body.

I offer virtual classes and private sessions worldwide, hands-on work in Tulum Mexico and a growing on-demand video library in English, Spanish and Croatian.
Live-streamed, on-demand and in person (when that's happening again)
Live-streamed Classes
Come out of quarantine better than you went in, with live-streamed group classes from gentle beginnings to taking your practice to the next level.
On-Demand Video
Train and heal on your schedule. A growing library of videos is available in English, Spanish and Croatian.
Virtual Private Sessions
One-on-one attention by video to meet your individual needs, focus on healing injuries or taking your practice deeper.
In-Person Treatments
Currently closed due to Covid-19, I'll be available again to see patients for healing osteopathy and osteo-yoga treatments in Tulum, Mexico and on tour when it's safe to do so.
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