Pranacore mentorhips

Tulum, Mexico

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to explore and build a multifaceted interface of power between yourself and the world around you.  Steeped in the magical energy of Tulum we will evolve the relationship between power(vitality) and meaning in our life.


Pranacore Mentorship is the next level of training for yoga teachers, coaches, leaders, therapists, and dedicated yoga practitioners who want to expand their personal and professional purpose and potential.  You will integrate your inner power with the power of universal energies, bridge medicine with tradition and walk away with valuable practice, living and teaching tools. 

daily pranacore immersion program

Over one week we will explore and synergies the body, mind and spirit through comprehensive practices based in Reiki, shamanism, yoga asana, core integration, therapeutics and breath integration as each of them navigates its evolutionary trajectory.  

Every day you will experience:

  • An activation of your body’s inner power through Pranacore classes
  • An essential dialogue with the power of the mind through shamanic journeying
  • Your core power as a luminous being in connection to all that is in multiple universes
  • Embody (source) the power of Reiki through your senses with sustainable daily practices (tools)

about your hosts

Katina O’Neil


Reiki Master,  Shamanic Healer

Katina is a shamanic healer and teacher who over the last 25 years has helped many explore their life’s purpose, healing, and potential through private sessions, workshops, trainings, and retreats.   In her early work as an anthropologist and archeologist, she immersed herself in the wisdom teachings and shamanic practices of the indigenous peoples of North America and Peru. She has been initiated into the shamanic traditions of the Lakota and Inka people; into Reiki Mastery in the Usui System of Natural Healing and continues her study of evolving consciousness and the nature of reality.  Katina’s teaching is a rare gift that simplifies and expands the mind, body, and spirit.  For more information go to Katina’s website: www.katinaoneil.com

Jelena Lepesic

 Osteopath, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master

Massage Therapist+Reflexologist

Jelena is an osteopath, a massage therapist and a yoga teacher with experience in the wellness industry since 2005.  She has taught private, studio and resort classes as well as yoga teacher trainings from Canada, US, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Europe.  Her biggest passion has been developing the Pranacore method which integrates medicine with tradition through osteopathy thearapeutics, traditional yoga asana and Pranayama with core excercises.  She specializes in yoga related injuries, helping her clients and student transform automated movement patterns and expand their energetic boundaries.  Jelena is the co-owner of Sanaprana Tulum and the creator of Pranacore classes.