MEET JELENA, The Pranacore Creator

Hi! I’m Jelena.  

I started my life journey in Bosnia and from there managed to make a culturally diversified life filled with passion, service and integration.  I have enriched my values as a human being, a therapist and teacher by living in different cultures and speaking different languages. I speak English, Serbo Croatian and Spanish fluently and German casually.   

I have always had a big passion for movement and energy and my dad encouraged me to express that through art and play providing me with incredible books and conversations on the great sculptors, painters, Indian head massage and Reflexology.  I studied Fine Art in University and later applied my passion for the living body through my studies in yoga practice, therapeutic bodywork, Reiki and osteopathy.


Jelena Lepesic Bsc.Ost., DO (Spain), Manual Osteopath, Yoga teacher + Reiki Master 

Who can benefit from Pranacore

My biggest passion has been developing the Pranacore method which integrates medicine with tradition through osteopathy therapeutics, traditional yoga asana/Pranayama with core exercises and energetics.  I specialize in yoga related injuries, helping my clients and student transform automated movement patterns and expand their energetic boundaries.

I am a manual osteopath, massage therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki master teacher and a reflexologist.  I have been involved in the wellness industry since 2005 in North America, Costa Rica, Mexico and Europe through studio and private classes, yoga teacher trainings and therapeutic services.  

Now after 14 years of experience I want to share what I have learned with you.  My website is not only for yoga teachers, therapists, yoga practitioners, yoga beginners but anyone who has the curiosity and the interest for self growth through the integrative therapies.  

I live and work in magical Tulum, Mexico.  I offer my services at Sanaprana, Integrative Wellness Services and online through the Pranacore website.

why pranacore practice

I encourage all people to discover their inner power through a sustainable practice that best serves their life.  Our world is full of competition, excessive information and systemic brainwashing and the one place where we should feel safe, empowered and open is in our daily practice.  We only have to be good at being ourselves and that is an inside job that requires practice.


Daily practice can serve as source of inspiration and meaning for our lives, an active prayer, a conversation with the body, clearing of the mind or emotions and a way to build a relationship with the many energies around us.  I encourage you to activate the life force in your living body and charge your life. I encourage you to expand the subtle energetic perceptions through yoga asana and pranayama.  

Through my experience as a yoga teacher and student, I learned that yoga teachers have the power to inspire their students to heal or to injure themselves.  I also learned that yoga injuries are real, that the most powerful teacher is nature and that the most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with oneself.  This is why I created Pranacore.

pranacore inspiration


In Pranacore, practice is the destination on which posture is just part of the journey.  This idea mimics nature, which teaches us to balance between impermanence (posture) and consistency (practice) in relationship to all that is.  We gather our inspiration from the world around us and the most powerful source of inspiration comes from nature. We simply cannot improve our human lives without recognizing our inner power and sourcing the power from the natural world around us.

what can pranacore offer

This practice encourages seamless mobility on and off the mat, reduces yoga related injuries and sharpens the relationships between movement and meaning in our lives.  Pranacore teaches you to stay centred in your body and use Prana to help enhance your life.

Pranacore practice transforms automated movement patterns in the body physiology and expands the body’s energetic resonance through dynamic breathing exercises, traditional yoga asana and core integration.  We focus on various elements that make up any movement, the “how to” of postures, the energy sourcing from within and outside of us in order to understand our limitations and our potential.  We create new neuromuscular pathways and discard unconscious patterns of movement.


Don’t be a Hardcore, build a Pranacore!

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