From breath to your inner power!

Pranacore is a dynamic movement experience that takes you on a journey from your breath to your inner power.  It combines traditional breath-work, biomechanics and core integration asana. 

This practice will help you shed tension, stress and pain.  It will transform habitual patterns into new functional movement patterns.  You will walk away empowered and energized.   It is designed for modern humans of all skill levels.

Combine mindfulness practice, functional movement and breath to create a sustainable life practice worth manifesting from!



Jelena Lepesic Bsc.Ost., Manual Osteopath, Yoga teacher + Reiki Master

This practice encourages seamless mobility on and off the mat, reduces yoga related injuries and sharpens the relationships between movement and meaning in our lives.  Pranacore teaches you to stay centred in your body and use Prana to help enhance your life.

We do not have to be perfect.  We only have to be good at being ourselves and that is an inside job that requires practice.  The inside work is a source of inspiration and deepens meaning for the way we live our lives.

Daily practice can help clear the mind or emotions.  It can also serve as a way to build new relationships with the energy life force around us.  This connection to the energy around us will expand our consciousness, subconsciousness and perceptions.

Through Pranacore, you will learn to become aware of your body, thoughts and energy at all times in relation to the world around you.  Since, we gather our inspiration from the world around us and the most powerful source of inspiration comes from nature we simply cannot improve our lives without sourcing energies from the natural world around us.  And, nature will teach us the art of balancing  between impermanence (posture) and consistency (practice).

On the other hand, we are bombarded by advertiser telling us what we should do and buy, it is challenging to find our own voice and inner power.  Hence, our daily practice should serve as a safe zone from which we can release our pain and tension and energize.  Beyond that, we can learn to manifest our day through our daily mindfulness movement mediation.

Join me and discover your inner power through functional mobility that best serves your life.


Pranacore practice transforms automated movement patterns in the body physiology and expands the body’s energetic resonance through dynamic breathing exercises, traditional yoga asana and core integration.  We focus on various elements that make up any movement, the “how to” of postures, the energy sourcing from within and outside of us in order to understand our limitations and our potential.  We create new neuromuscular pathways and discard unconscious patterns of movement.

Don’t be a Hardcore, build a Pranacore!

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